How to hide objects on a website

I saw @Clone post a question about hiding the banner on the site. It was closed as this isn’t officially supported, but who cares about official?

There are a number of ways to hide or remove content on a website depending on your skill level and comfort with editing html. The fastest way would be to right click the object, hit inspect, and then right click the block element and delete it.

The problem with this is it’s only going to work for this instant, if you reload the page it comes back. But a quick fix for things like those pesky overlays that try to hide content.

A more permanant solution would be based on extensions, if you use an ad blocker, you can simply tell it that the glowforge right banner is an ad and it will treat it like one and hide it. How this is done depends on your ad blocker but here’s how to do it in Ad block plus

Select block element

Hover over the banner, it will highlight yellow. Take careful note of subtle shifts near boundries of the banner, nested elements may exist and you want to target the entire right hand container. When you click it will give you a confirmation window, you want to see this If you don’t see this, just replace it and hit ok. Banner go bye bye forever, well at least until someone changes the html id.

You can also use something called stylebot to override the css for the page and hide the element. If you can’t figure the other two out look it up and have a go. And just as a pro tip for life, you control everything that you see in your browser, don’t let websites tell you how to live your life.


Restoring it is left as an exercise for the reader. :joy:


Doesn’t it stay away if you hit the X until someone updates the banner with new info?

That’s why I’ve never closed mine as I like to see when/if there are changes to it. Or am I thinking of a different banner?

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I use the stylish plugin which allows me to set up CSS on a per site basis. They allow you to share your CSS on the site I made one for the forums a while back that I still use. It’s a great plugin. Highly recommend.


Sometimes in life we must take risks to achieve true happiness, the world loses something when everything is planned for. Live your life, delete random CSS.