How to look up support tickets

Would it be possible to get some assistance on locating open support tickets? I checked all the options in my settings and the customer portal but I can’t seem to locate anything that refers to support tickets. I would like to add images, video and additional troubleshooting I’ve done to an open ticket.

I didn’t believe theyre accessible other than in email or a post in Problems & Support.

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If you have an open topic in Problems and Support, you can update there. Otherwise, reply to the most recent email from support and it will be added to your ticket. They do not have a support ticketing portal as you may be looking for.

You can see all your topics by looking at your profile; just click on the icon by your name and then click on your name.

Thank you for the responses. I didn’t receive a support ticket auto reply email confirming the ticket was received. I’ll submit another support ticket, maybe I did something wrong on my end. A support ticket portal for the subscription members would be great. I think of the subscription like a Patreon donation. I don’t use any of the subscription services but still support the company when possible.

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Make sure you check your spam or junk folder in your email.

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