How to make offset layered designs

sadly, i’m going thru a partially torn CCL with my pup right now. except she’s a 7 yr old great dane with DCM, so not a candidate for surgery at all. so working on healing the best we can. :confused:

the only thing that gets me is watching anything as it punctures the skin. so needles, scalpels, etc… but once it’s cut, i can watch you pull body parts out while i eat spaghetti. i don’t know why puncturing skin gives me the heebee jeebees, but the rest is fine.


Weirdly my wife almost faints watching me get blood drawn (but will happily do a jugular cut down on a dog - and she is the queen of phlebotomy (it’s so fast the dog doesn’t even realize it’s happening!)


I’m okay with all of that - as long as it’s someone else. I often don’t register the ick factor. One of my early ambulance calls was a double decapitation car accident and the blood was several inches deep in the rear seat wells (rear wheel drive car with a transmission tunnel down the middle). I didn’t notice my shoes & pant cuffs were soaked until coming back out of the hospital. We kind of detach and it’s sort of like “huh, that’s interesting” almost like watching a movie or something.

When it’s me I don’t like it so I have to look away. That makes it hard to self treat the various wounds I’ve self-inflicted when misusing tools :grinning: I actually had to go to a doc-in-the-box when I cut my fingertip off with a mandoline because even bandaging it was painful enough I thought I’d pass out. Looking at the raw end made it hurt worse watching the blood keep coming out. Otherwise I usually just tough it out and carry on. It’s just a serious aversion to seeing stuff that belongs inside me on the outside of me :smile:


This post has really derailed from layered designs :rofl:

I have no medical training and twice misusing tools I have cut off sections of my skin mandoline style, and have picked up the piece of skin from the shop floor, cleaned it by rinsing it in my mouth and re-attached it in place and bandaged it with duct tape and had the auto-graft stick and completely heal. Not having my glasses on I didn´t notice that one ocassion the hairs growing out of the skin graft were in the opposite direction and the other the fingerprint of the middle left finger re-attached upside down. :man_facepalming:


Funny story :slightly_smiling_face: Sounds like something my mom would do. If it’s just skin sliced off I don’t bother sticking it back in. Never considered it might graft on. My finger incident took off the finger tip. Probably a qtr inch or so. The doc-in-the-box couldn’t sew the end closed (I hadn’t saved the fingertip) because there wasn’t any stretch to the skin. He just bandaged it again and sent me home. His bandage was a kind that didn’t stick to the open tissue. Mine was not. He left the remnants of the gauze I use on the finger because it was helping to provide something for the tissue to grab onto.

What was cool was my fingertip grew back. He said as long as you don’t cut the bone end off the meat & skin will grow back. Took a long time but now it’s the same length as before but the fingerprint is a bit wonky and the fingernail took forever to get right.