How to make simple cut

All I want to do is to cut out a 5" on a side, 45-45-90 degree triangle. I made a triangle 1-pixel in width and exported it out of Photoshop as an SVG (also tried PNG). However, I can only get the “engrave” setting to be activated, all of the other options (including “cut”) are grayed-out. How can I get it to cut out a simple triangle? Thanks!

You need to create your item as a vector line for cutting or scoring. Rasters are engrave only and you have created a raster. If you have the premium subscription, you can select your triangle and use the outline tool to create a cut line.


Use a vector editor, such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or Corel Draw.


(or right-click and save-as)


Thanks, that certainly did the trick! I also created a triangle in Inkscape and exported it, but it still showed up as engrave only. Hmmm…guess I need to do a little more practice with Inkscape.


A PNG is always going to be a raster file - when you have a few minutes, do a quick internet read about raster, vector and container files formats and which software makes what :slight_smile: It’ll save you a lot of headache going down the road with your GF.


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