How to move picture to glowforge from samsung cellphone

my question today is what is the procedure to take a picture o a samsung phone and move it to gloforge and what are the basics for gimp app. what i mean is i need to engrave a recipe on a cutting board and i’m just completely lost on what to do after picture is on my samsung phone. that is why i’m asking all of you folks cause you have been there for me before. thankyou in advance for sharing and helping me.

I’ve actually never seen anyone ask this question before…and I don’t use a Samsung phone, but my guess would be that you’d have to send the photo to your computer first…that there’s no way to just send it directly to the GFUI. You would need to get your recipe ready to use in a design app (like Gimp) before being able to send it to your Glowforge to engrave.

I also don’t use Gimp, but @rbtdanforth does, so he might be able to help.
Best of luck.


I use Inkscape and Get Paint but basically I email it to myself and open it in Get Paint. I do whatever touching up is required there then save it and open it in Inkscape to resize and make it into a vector then save as svg for the GF.


There is another option. You can access Glowforge from your phone with the app. Up load the file from your phone, it will generate and save in your my files folder. here is a location you can download it from. Glowforge by Glowforge, Inc


I guess it depends on the picture, like it’s the paper shadow going to engrave too? I take pictures on my samsung phone all the time. I’m not sure what kind of computer you have, but i send the photos i want to my computer via bluetooth, but you can plug it in using a cable that can do data transfers too…i think the charging cables works? But not all of them do. But i always use bluetooth since i can never find a cable when I need one.

On the bottom right hand corner of my screen are a bunch of icons, i click it to expand and then click (or right click, can’t remember) the bluetooth symbol. Then another menu comes up and i select, “receive a file.” Then i choose whatever photos i want on my phone and then use share->bluetooth, pick my computer from the list and hit ok. Then my computer will show that something is being sent.

Then i import it to my design stuff. I use a different software for all my drawing and photo editing than many people, so i can’t exactly describe it step by step. But if it was a photo of a handwritten recipe, i’d set it up in black and white and adjust the colors so the writing is really prominent. Then i’d erase or crop out anything that isn’t part of the recipe. I usually make anything that isn’t needed white, then at the end is easy for me to select all the white and remove it so there is nothing but the design… probably overkill for the glowforge, but i do alot of other editing that i need the extra steps for.


There is the need to turn anything not the object into transparent and the jpg to a png that has that capability. Gimp is not the only raster editor able to do this but is what I use.

I shoot with a light (white) background and remove it in Gimp, the result is this replacing this…

with this…

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I could not figure out GIMP for the life of me. I use Clip Studio, not free, but it’s a one time payment for a lifetime license and I’m used to it.


I had never known more about Inkscape than the name when I purchased my Glowforge but I had been using Gimp for many years to work along side Blender for color mapping on virtual worlds (initially Second Life as they were the AOL of those early days and fol;owed their path of stupidity with a similar result)

Initially, when Opeb Source stuff had to choose between “easy to learn” and “more efficient to use” It chose efficiency as those who contributed were to use for themselves and get more done in the place where their real income was from. Conversely those creating expensive software had the programming itself as their primary income, and new users were the primary income so “easy to learn” became the primary focus and efficiency lost out.

Of course nobody remains a new user for long, but for those selling the software experienced users took a back seat as most already had purchased the software and would continue to use it. This was brought home to me as I was using both Blender and Autocad and one move in Blender might be several in Autocad and that after I had used LISP to get rid of the worst of it.

Your answer’s are pretty amazing abd willing to try them i just need a little time to figure out this set-up since i am not computer savvy whatsoever. So i will give them a try and get back with you fine folks here. Once again thankyou.


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