How to place patterns in Illustrator, please help!

I need to know how to place a pattern (an SVG) within another SVG file. I have a simple box and want to place a complex pattern within one side of the box in Illustrator.

Also where I can find some good (read easy) tutorials for Illustrator, lol.

The Problems and Support forum is for opening support tickets for technical issues with the machine or user interface. I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum.

I am so sorry, but thank you!!

a) use the “place image” command under File
b) drag the second svg from your finder into an open Illustrator file screen
c) open both svgs in AI, select your pattern then copy it (right click or keyboard shortcut ctrl/cmd+c) and paste it into the other svg (ctrl/cmd+v)

You should start with the basics at Adobe:

This is great software but not something you want to start wading through blind if you’re not familiar with Adobe products. Adobe does a good job of walking you through enough basics to get going.

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