How to print text?

If text is not supported in svg format, how do I print a simple sign with letters (Text)?

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If you are using Illustrator then save the document as a PDF. I’ve had great success with text. Otherwise you will need to convert the text to outlines in your vector program of choice.

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Just tried it. I guess while you where posting. It works as PDF. Thanks

PDF is one way but convert to curves works with any art program. And then you can save as an svg.


Sure but what’s the advantage if PDF works?

Mostly 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. Keeping it svg might help with further editing but that would be about it.

I don’t like PDF from a philosophical standpoint. It has a lot of nonsense and cruft in it compared to SVG. But if it works perfectly fine, go for it.


Svg will scale better if you decided to enlarge it in the gf app.

If your using Illustrator you can flatten your text (making it uneditable).
-Click on the text you want to convert.
-Go to menu at top left of your screen and click “Type” drop-down menu appears.
-Click “Create Outlines”

Now just save your file as a “.SVG”

If you use Illustrator, you don’t even need the separate step, you can convert to outlines in the save options.

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That’s what I experienced yesterday by accident. I think that I had set it to save as outlines for my Cricut.