How to protect the GF when not in use?

I’m putting the GF in my basement. But I have kids, and they sometimes play in the basement. Although I can show my kids how to safe around the GF, they often have friends over who may be curious or reckless.

I’d like to protect both the kids from the GF, and the GF from the kids.

My initial thought is to make a box that would sit on top of the GF when it’s not in use, and somehow lock it down to the desk. Does anyone have any other ideas on keeping it safe? I don’t remember any thread that discusses if the GF comes with any locking doors or lids (I’m getting the Pro).

From the pictures that were already posted and that I have read previously that the plastic casing for the GF is already established(read: injection molding complete), there were no locks on the lid. Plus, kids are going to think its cool as heck. Children with small fingers, despite being told DON’T PUT YOUR FINGERS IN THERE, will almost certainly stick thier hand in the pass through slot when no authority figure is around to see why, and because it has a cool slot. You might also find small toys, pennies, or crayons put into that slot if its not locked down and covered. I have a 2 year old. The internet is rife of parenting stories. I’m not taking any chances either, when it comes to this.

I think your box idea is pretty solid. Just bolt or screw in a shed door hinge lock or something on 2 opposite sides.

There was a discussion about how to transport, and the overall consensus was that there’s a company that makes sturdy metal cases that have high density foam linings, that would protect sensitive equipment like the GF while transport. As I recall, most of those cases were set to lock, or could be made to have a lock. Might be a few hundred bucks, but in addition to storage it also allows for transport.

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If you want quick and easy, get some of those web-belt type straps with a simple buckle. Strap that around the top of the unit (either laying under the unit or wrapping the full countertop/desk it is on) and the lid cannot be casually opened.

The passthrough slot is trickier to plan in advance for. Ideally it is possible to just put a piece of acrylic between the case and honeycomb so that the slot doesn’t provide access without first opening the lid and removing the acrylic.


I like @jacobturner’s suggestion and if you just put a piece of plastic on the outside before running the straps over, then the slot would be inaccessible.

So, a condom for your GF?


I prefer to think of it as a glowphylactic.


Best of luck to you. I think the simple crate-like-case with locks is the best approach. But I place kids and bears together in the category of being better able to get into where they are not supposed to be than adults are at keeping them out. I was certainly guilty of that once upon a long time ago.


If we wanted to make the glowforge unappealing to touch in that regard, we could try fitting it with socks and crocs.


Surround it with brusel sprouts and brocoli , that should keep the kids away. Otherwise I vote some sort of crate with latches on sides or a crazy style bread box.