How to recover an unsaved file if Inkscape crashes

This is really helpful , it saved me from losing a bunch of work:


Thank you!

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The page was modified in 2015. My Inkscape has crashed several times and managed to save its own file with the date and time added to the name, so I have just restarted Inkscape renamed the file and kept going.

So I guess that if you are using the latest version there may be less of a problem.

I’m using 0.92.1. Not the newest but new enough. The key difference here is that my file had never been saved when inkscape crashed. Yes I know I should have saved but I was moving quickly :slight_smile:

If you’re working on a file that has been saved already yes the auto emergency save will help you. Turns out it helps even if you haven’t saved yet, and this is how to get help.

temp.svg.2018_01_31_12_50_02.0.svg as Temp has all my settings correct