How to remove lines?

The glowforge scanned the recipe but picked up the notebook lines…how can I get rid of themlemon juice.pdf (420.1 KB)

Start with the search function.
Read the existing discussions.

For example, just in the past couple of weeks:


Basically, it’s really not possible in the GF software besides fussing with how much of the trace is picked up which is detailed by @jules here Glowforge Interface - Using the Trace Tool 🤔. Otherwise, you’ll need to work in some kind of separate editing program to clean up the image as @eflyguy mentions.


I ended up using sketchbook on my iPad, using the pencil and coloring over the lines with the white color. It was tedious but for now it worked!


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Finished product.


thanks! I had not used the ctrl/cmd down arrow function before!

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