How to remove the top

A time ago I saw somebody dismantle the glass top of the GF, to clean inside.
I cannot find it, so is there anyone that know where it is or know how to do?

This helped me:


Thanks a lot, that´s exactly what I looked fore.

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If you are out of warranty, you can make what I consider a big improvement.
Get yourself an online booster fan (rated at 200 CFM minimum, that’s the rating of the stock fan) and install it at the end of the exhaust run. You put it at the end so the entire run has the exhaust being pulled out,instead of being pushed out. That way no smoke is being pushed out of any leaks.
You can eliminate the fan cleaning by removing the internal fan and let the booster do the job. That will get the internal fan out of the airstream and allow better airflow.

The huge benefit is the booster is larger and turns much slower than the internal fan, and is almost silent compared to the stock fan that screams at 13,000 rpm. That’s like an angle grinder, and every bit as loud.
Seriously, without that stock fan screaming it’s like a different machine.
While you’re in there, look at the. 3 cleats the tabs snap over. Take a small file and slightly round the sharp corners on the cleats the tabs snap over and the cover will release a little easier the next time.


If you’re just doing it to clean, might I suggest not? More people have destroyed their machines by “deep cleaning” than any other combo of words on this site!


This ^^^^^
However, I have found the real effect of a 190CFM fan to be quite inadequate when making a smoky cut and that there I no upper limit that I can find to the maximum CFM that would work unless it started sucking your machine inside out :flushed:

What I have discovered is that the less time the smoke can stay in he machine, the less time it has to dirty anything, and thus the less cleaning is needed. Starting with what I know now I would spring for the 600-800 CFM fan, as even what ends up outside will also be more dispersed as it would be both diluted and moving faster diluting it still more.


I’m not a big fan of dusting off the electronics with a chip brush. Something like might be more appropriate if it had to be done.


If I were ever concerned about dust on the left side, I’d use compressed air at a distance, with the exhaust running - you can turn it on using instructions for fan cleaning, if you still have the stock exhaust fan. No need to remove the panel (although it is trivial to do, it would reduce the effectiveness of the exhaust.)

That said, I’ve never been concerned about the dust. It’s only been 4 years though.


There is benefits of a clean unit! Do it regularly and glowforge will work perfectly for you

The point is, do it never and the :glowforge: will also work perfectly for you - cleanliness has nothing to do with function. In fact, way back when, they posted photos of the machines that they had specifically not cleaned except the “things that need wiping” for the entire run time. They were thick with gunk and still worked perfectly.



There is no benefit. I’ve never touched that area and my machine is 4 years old, still works perfectly.

Clean the optics, wipe the rails, and when necessary, clean the fans. That’s it.


I would not do anything to remove the top. I agree with @eflyguy and @deirdrebeth . I have not counted but if I had to guess, about 25% or higher of the posts here and on FB that I see about how someone’s machine isn’t working start with them stating that they just cleaned their machine and now it won’t work.

I have been trying to figure out what they are doing. I wonder if it’s something to do with cleaning the glass lid (on the inside) and touching the black cable or what. I clean all around the cable but don’t touch the cable itself. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, though, it’s just my ponderings.


Exactly the same for me…over 4 years, now.


Thanks for all the answers.
I appreciate your concern and thoughts regarding dismantling the top.
No worries guys, I´ve been working with electronics for many years, so I am confident in what I do.
Its not just about cleaning, but also for removing the fan.


At least no warranty or repair by Glowforge issues.

Your name says it all. :sunglasses:
Yeah, I removed the fan - and the grill for better airflow and to eliminate the grill cleaning. The external inline fan brought a wonderful peace to my shop.

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Yeah, It´s totally different atmosphere.

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I´m 5 years pass the warranty already anyway :slight_smile: