How to remove this barrier?

I want to be able to use my entire acrylic sheets (give or take an inch) but this gray barrier on the glowforge dashboard won’t allow me. Has anyone figured out a way to work around this or remove it all together? Thanks in advance!

It defines the workable print area, mechanical limits and no way around it. The un-printable area of a 20x12 sheet is .7" across the top and left side, ~.3" across the bottom, and ~.25" along the right


Noooooo :frowning: so sad! Thanks for your help!!

The usable area of the Glowforge bed is about 10.9" x 11.5". You can use the entire sheet of material, but you will need to move it around after the first print to utilize the material at the margins.


If you are engraving at very high speeds the area can be that small as the head needs room to speed up and slow down. The “barrier” is there to show you exactly where that point is.


The maximum cut area is 19 wide. Engrave is narrower.

I think dkl posted a typo.


You may also find you can minimize your unused material by positioning the full sheet close to the front of the machine – just in bounds.

But either way, you will have some portion of full sheets that can be reached.
I like having some small project ideas which I’ll save up for doing on those little pieces =P


When buying stuff like Revolution Plywood that comes in 4x8 sheets I cut 5 sheets @ 19" that I can have that much available as I have a pro there is no need for more, but with a basic cutting that to 9"+ gives you 25 sheets for design experimenting with the whole sheet available.

It comes down to a choice:

  • Do you want to place bigger sheets than you can cut

  • Do you want to be able to cut bigger sheets than you can place

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