How to retrieve the preview screen

When you start a cut, there is a handy popup screen that shows how much time is remaining and where the machine is through the job. However, if you go back into the GFUI, that popup screen disappears, and it isn’t apparently another window you can alt-tab back to. Where did it go and how do I re-summon it?

There should be a countdown going in the upper right hand corner of the GFUI after the pop up closes… its on the teal tool bar. I don’t think you can resummon the display image.

looks like you can by pressing print again.

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Yes. Unfortunately I thought I had canceled the print and did a setup for a different cut but instead it ran the one I thought I had canceled.

Way back on one of the first pre-release units my preview countdown screen disappeared. I panicked. Was so unfamiliar with the the UI and didn’t want to cancel a print. Eventually figured it out.

Some type of visual clue would be better. The print button should disappear or get greyed out when the print is going and a “resume preview” button could become available or something.