How to Save Purchased File to Alter

Hi, I purchased a stock file from Glowforge. The file prints with no issue. Although, I see the file in my Glowforge dashboard but I want to save the file to play around with the design and then throw back into Glowforge to make. It’s for a class that I’m teaching design and tech. Is there a way to save this file so I can load into CAD or Illustrator? I hope I explained this correctly. Thanks !!

No, purchased (or the provided free) files can not be downloaded.


Designs from the Glowforge Catalog exist only in your Design Library and cannot be exported to a file. You basically licensed the right to print a design, you didn’t purchase a file.


What you might be able to do is ADD to it - like if you wanted to add something in the Glowforge dashboard directly, such as a circle for a hole to hang something, words to engrave a name, etc.

But if you just want to play with a file and demonstrate it, there are lots of free files on that would probably work for this. You can download a free laser cutting file, or download a different type of free file and convert it to be laser-friendly, for example.


Here’s a free bundle of laser cutting files. And everything on Design Bundles comes with a license that allows you to use the design to sell, etc. And it’s ok to alter them for your own use.


Thanks. That’s what I thought. I bought the u linter print so I was hoping I could alter/play with it.
I do see the file for sale on the web and it’s not expensive but figured I’d see if I could export it myself.

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