How to see proofgrade settings

Hello all! I know this has been discussed in the past, but maybe the code has changed. I bought some Black on Bright White Laserable Acrylic Sheet from Inventables. I decided to choose Medium Orange Acrylic proofgrade for the settings. It’s almost perfect, but the engraving needs to be a bit deeper. I used to click on the item on the left, select proofgrade, and Manual, and the settings would be filled din. Now it always shows 1000/full. Is there a way to see the proofgrade settings so I have a place to start from? Thanks!

That should work. Maybe try restarting your browser?

Mine is showing speed 150 with full power, if that helps. (Basic)

EDIT: Oops. That was for cut, not engrave. :blush: Sorry!

I am getting the same problem, max settings.

Yep, the engrave settings for Draft and SD for the Plywoods, Draftboard, Acrylic and Hardwood are set to Max Speed, Full Power. What varies between the two is the LPI.

If you want to make an engrave slightly deeper, just slow it down a little or increase the LPI.

Max settings give a good engrave at the fastest possible speed, which most people want for image and graphic work. When you want to engrave for depth, use the 3D Engrave and Deep 3D Engrave settings.


Oh. I see. Thanks!

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Thanks for the answer @Jules. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks!

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