How to share assembly instructions

I want to send a model model I bought from the catalog unassembled. How can I get the assembly instructions to them since the website is password protected. It is the Space Shuttle Discovery with many parts and steps. Thanks for the help.



Never tried it…but, maybe copy/paste into a word document?


Can you open the details in a new tab (there’s an option to do this). Then click save as and name the file? It ‘allows’ it just not sure it will open correctly on the client’s end but worth a try…

Open in new tab as suggested, then either print to PDF, or copy the whole page and paste into the word processor of your choice.

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I thought of that but since there are a lot of steps, I wanted something more like the instructions provided with the designs. Thanks for your response.

I think I will try that and send it in an e-mail. I am not very computer savvy, mostly just screwing around on the internet, but I will give it a try. Gotta learn sometimes. Thanks

Thank you, will give it a try

Thanks I am going to give it a shot.

I ended copying the instructions to books on my iPad and then sent the pdf as an email. Thanks again for the suggestions.


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