How to succeed despite copycats

This collection of articles will be of interest to some of you:


Interesting. I didn’t even know the popularity of key replacements :rofl:

Oh yeah the mechanical keyboard community is huge these days.

There are subreddits, amazon stores, home resin casters, etc.

I obviously lead a very sheltered life :rofl:. Seriously some of those are amazing…i may need to get some!

It’s a rabbit hole, especially once you start reading up on switch types… people go a lot deeper than I did. I got a Varmilo brand keyboard at


Oh wow, that’s nice! I’m sure it’s in the cards for me to need some…

My 13 year old nephew has schooled me on the types of keyboards and key caps! Two Christmas’s ago I sewed him a faux vinyl case for his favorite keyboard after the custom shell we were going to build on the g-forge turned out to be more difficult than we had initially thought. :wink:

Copycatters can really take the wind out of your sails, but when I was selling on Etsy (approximately 100 years ago), I was motivated by other sellers who took it as a challenge to keep designing and innovating to try to stay a step or two ahead!

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