How to swap what gets lasered?

Hey folks, I tried YouTube and here and am struggling to find the right words. I have a quality image I have engraved but I would like to swap what gets lasered and what doesn’t. if that makes sense. I don’t know anything about inkscape and very little with Adobe besides video editing. I basically want what is being lasered to not be lasered and the where the leather isn’t being engraved, is where I want it to be engraved?

thanks a bunch

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If you have Adobe, it’s a simple fix. Open the image file in Photoshop and select it, then Image > Adjustment > Invert.

(Change the name before saving it if you want to keep a copy of the original.)


I just tried this and the image turns white and then GF says it cannot do masks yet?

Search youtube for how to invert an image in inkscape. There’s a good one but it won’t let me post a link.

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Is it a vector image or a raster image? (What program did you use to create it?)

I was sent a png image and ran it through an SVG converter thing online. Came out great. But the stuff I want and dont want lasered are the other way around.

ok ill check it out

That makes it even easier having a png. Use Path >> trace bitmap and click the box that says invert the image.


Okay, take the PNG image into Photoshop, invert it, and then you are going to need to create a cut line for it.

When you are inverting the colors, it works on rasterized images. A PNG is a raster image, the cut line added into an SVG might not be.

And yeah, the GFUI does not recognize masks. You can either just place the cut line over the engraving, or make a mask for it in Photoshop, filled with pure white, and that will not engrave if it is resaved as a PNG.

…or…just do it in Inkscape. That does sound quicker if you’re familiar with it.


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