How to trace and save as SVG in Illustrator 2019 cc

So they changed a lot of structure but I cant get a SVG to open in glowforge

Am in tracing wrong , I am still expanding before saving. ?

Yes, you have to expand the traced image.

Here are a couple of quick tests you can try:

  1. Copy / Paste direct from AI to the GF App. Does that work?
  2. Save As a PDF and try import that.

If those items worked, it’s your SVG default settings not being correct. There are a couple of recent threads that go into the “save for screens”, uncheck responsive, have 3 or 4 places precision, etc. The export panel should look something like this:


Hi @coalakida,

Did the advice that @hansepe provided help you to upload your design correctly?

If not, please let us know, and I would be glad to assist you further.