How to transfer ownership?

Selling my Glowforge and needing to transfer ownership. Any help is appreciated.

Sorry you selling you GF. The Staff will be along shortly to assist you with what you will need to do and the information you will need to provide…


I’m sorry to hear you are selling your Glowforge. We’d be happy to help!

You’ll want to invite the new user to your Glowforge - we’ve got steps to help you with here - Create Accounts, Share (or Unshare) Your Glowforge – Glowforge

Once you’ve added the new owner to your Glowforge, send an email to

Please send this email from the email address associated with the purchase and tell us:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address
  • Your Glowforge username
  • The new owner’s first and last name
  • The new owner’s email address

and we will take it from there.