How to Upgrade

So, I got my anniversary notification for the Forum today and now I’m really thinking I need to upgrade from the Basic to the Pro. All in. I’ve searched the forum a bit and know I must be missing something simple. Does anyone have a direct link to an upgrade page?
Thanks in advance. Feel free to move/remove this post if it’s superfluous.


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Sign in up at the top when you get to this page and there is a button for upgrading your purchase.


So, just to clarify, since both the basic and pro have increased in price, the difference for me to upgrade from basic to pro is almost the same now as it was before. I’m questioning that because I saw people asking to have the upgrade price reverted after the most recent delay.

Yep, and i wish they could make an exception too, but Dan was very firm that the original pricing ended on October 25th.

If we upgrade, it’s at the current price. :disappointed:


I’m still a bit confused. I thought the price before was about $2K to upgrade. That’s the same price it is now, roughly. Was it cheaper before? To be honest, I didn’t even consider closely then, but I’m moving to a location that better accommodates the pro now, and I have a bit more spare change than I did then. I suppose the delays have helped me in that way.

I should note I’m upgrading from a basic with an air filter.

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I can’t recall exactly either, it was about $1800 or so to upgrade from Basic + Filter to Pro + Filter during the Pre-order period i think. Might have been a couple hundred cheaper.


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I think the upgrade cost difference is you don’t use the current difference in prices but your upgrade price is the difference form what you paid for the basic+filter to the current price for the Pro. Not the current price difference.

Effectively you have a credit of the price you paid and you pay the difference from that to the current price of what you want. This is also why a downgrade refunds less than you might expect.

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I originally paid $3170 including shipping. The upgrade charge is $2250 for a total of $5420 for a pro+filter. This is in the cart, but I haven’t pushed through for purchase yet, so there could be a change somewhere down the line? Currently, a GF PRO + FILTER is listed at $5995. So, that’s great, unless I’m mistaken about something.


Clicked through and that was the total cost.


Also…so excited to be getting a pro! I do a lot of leather work and this will make it so much easier.


Congrats! Welcome to the pro club. I bought just for the passthrough. I don’t know what 5watts gets me, but you know… More power=awesomer


I’ll have the team double-check to make sure it’s correct. (Don’t worry - we’ll honor what you paid, @emilycarolinemiller1, and appreciate you bringing it to our attention).