How to use Referral Bonus $ in Store

Hi all, I think I’m missing something simple here…but I received a referral bonus and I’m trying to use that to purchase more Proofgrade material and I cannot figure out how to apply it. I get to the checkout screen but can’t find anywhere where I can specify that I’d like to use the bonus. I do see that it has been issued so I’m unsure what I’m missing. Anyone have any clues/suggestions?

They should have sent you a Gift Card number in the email that told you that the referral was finalized. (Usually at least a month or so after the referral, to make sure that the unit is not returned.)

If you didn’t get that yet, it might not be final yet. Keep an eye out for it and check your spam folder.

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Thanks! I definitely didn’t get that then. This was back in August 2020, checked my Spam folder and nothing there. Odd.

Well, someone from Support can look into it and tell you what the number was…you might have missed it. Just wait to hear from them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Manfredo! I’ve just resent your gift card to your email.

You can add a gift card during checkout by selecting the blue Gift Card link on the right hand side of your checkout page.​

Once you click on the link, a box will pop up for you to enter your gift code. Then, when you apply your code, your subtotal will be updated to show that change.

Please email us at if you have any additional questions since this may require us to share some personal information!