How to watch it etch/print from GFUI?

Since we can see material and design, is there a way to watch the progress of the burn? I mean see the laser head moving?

No, not unless you add your own camera. The lid camera is blocked by the head for anything near the centre anyway.

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The bandwidth required from GF to cloud to computing device would be significant. Your computing device with the GFUI is not directly tied to the GF unit.


Yes, I have two cloud connected security cameras and now my broadband upload data usage is bigger than my download.


Can they be set to trigger on motion//change? Would slow down the spam,

Supposedly but I could not get it to work. It doesn’t really matter as I have unlimited broadband.

Even 4 frames per second at low res would be a minute amount of extra data and would give an overall idea of the etch, it would also show any flare ups. They will have it some day, it’s inevitable. :slight_smile: