How We Troubleshoot


That’s not going to hurt anything. When you open the lid, or click on the Gear icon to refresh the camera image, it will take a new picture. (With the machine on.)



So whom do I contact regarding my centering problem? Is the forum the only resource? I am confused and frustrated not to mention the stakeholders of my school are becoming impatient with the constant technical issues.




Your best bet is to start a new topic in this category (Problems & Support). That creates a support ticket for Glowforge staff and, allows the forum users to review and make (usually more immediate) suggestions.

Alternately, you can open a support ticket directly via email (without any community help) at

Do not do both as it will slow down the official response from Glowforge.



You can either send an email directly to or open a New Topic in the Problems and Support area. If you have already done one or the other, then you’ll need to watch for a response from Glowforge support. (Doing it in both places can slow down resolution.)

In either case, providing as much information as possible will speed things up for you. That includes screen captures of the bad placement after a cut of the Gift of Good Measure file on Proofgrade material, with the rulers showing in the screen shot so they can determine if there is an actual problem. So going ahead and performing that test will move things along. Post or mail them the results of the testing.

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I’ll have to look for the lid flash. I always wait until the fan stops and the machine makes the bump bump bump sound.


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