How will you celebrate the arrival of your GF?


First thing I’m going to do is make a stencil for a personal logo. Then I’m going to use that to sandblast a set of shotglasses and tumblers, then toast with some fine aged scotch!

What will you do first?



I meant like, celebrating, bro.

Like something silly/fun/amazing/perhaps-impractical-for-standard-use.

…you know, like that! :smile:


I would like to have an unboxing party. @bbrackin2 is farther down the list in orders for a Glowforge so she will definitely be a part of the fun. I’d be open to hosting a Missouri event if I’m first for whoever wants to come. What drink does one serve with Glowforge? I guess it should be carbonated since it’s a CO2 laser. Just think, the same fizz in your beer and soda provides the photons for the laser beam. Food wise, that’s tough. Shark fin soup would be the thing but I’d never go there for all sorts of reasons. Maybe some skate would do but not easy to find in Missouri. Maybe cannelloni in keeping with the laser tube theme. A salad with bacon “bits” for digital references. Maybe some lentils. That’s where we get “lens” from. I do a great lentil and barley salad. Then something that is hot and spicy to reference the heat generated. Maybe a curried carrot and cauliflower dish. Carrot for the “vision” thing and cauliflower for design and inspiration. Make it red/orange with lots of saffron and fresh turmeric and long thin shreads of fresh Thai chilies to heat it up and focus the beam.


Lock the doors, turn off the open sign, text girlfriend that I will be very late, silence the phone, turn up the music!


I’ve already talked with my boss about the possibility of taking time off when it arrives! Seems like I’m going to be distracted and pretty useless in the office with my Glowforge sitting idle at home anyway, right?
Liking the idea of an unboxing party with themed food @marmak3261! Got lots of pals excited to come over and play. But I’m not sure if I’ll want to share immediately…


I have a friend that just told me about an envelope that he found. In this envelope was a paper air plane that he made with his 3 friends when he was a kid. They all signed and dated it 1974. I want to build an acrylic display case with a stand for this plane.


I’ll probably do exactly what I did when I won a journalism competition in grad school: go “YEEEEEEEAAAAAAGGHGHGHHGHGH!” and flail about uncontrollably for a minute or so in a tornado-style happy dance. (I happened to be in class when I got the news–my professor literally thought I was having either a seizure or a heart attack).

Then I’ll do an unboxing video.

Then, I’ll run a bunch of test patterns on various materials and invite a bunch of people for a Laser Thursday.


I’m planning to burninate myself a picture of Trogdor. After that? Who knows?


After my feet touch the ground again, there will be a celebratory unboxing/installation ritual followed by an extended welcoming embrace and caressing of undetermined duration.
Not 50 shades, but 256 shades of grey scale!

Once I compose myself there will be an eruption of a DEFCON style blaring rock & roll, red-bull fueled ceremony/festival that stretches far Into the night where many samples of cardboard, wood, leather and stone will meet their destiny upon the altar of my Glowforge.
Materials will tremble at my gaze, and the laser will rule in the shop.

Sometimes in life there is a thing … there is a “before”, and an "after."
The days “after” will find me expanding a new skill set on a tool I could once only dream about!


man, I haven’t watch any strongbad for a while… thanks!


Ever so poetic. But it sounds like fun!


Not sure yet how it will happen for me. My first priority will be to put it in it’s designated place and get it plugged in. Then I will have to familiarize myself with it, in all it’s Glowforgey glorious-ness. THEN the fun will commence…in whatever form it takes. Don’t have any project lined up for a first thing, as I don’t know enough about it, but I’m sure I’ll think of some things :grin: If nothing else, draw something on a piece of cardboard or do a trace, and let 'er rip. Umm, I mean let 'er laze. Sounds coming from my house will be fairly conservative compared to others on here. :slight_smile:


TROGDOR!!! :nerd:


I think I’ll make it a name tag of some sort.
‘Glowey McForgeface’* shall be his name.

*subject to change without notice.


I love your answer… “samples will meet their destiny upon the altar of my Glowforge.” Sounds like the return of the Old Gods has begun.


That was only a slight exaggeration… :wink:

Seriously, to take what otherwise would be a scrap, and make it art will be transformative for me and the material.

A line from 2010 A Space Odyssey ;
Something is going to happen, something… wonderful.


Im going to see if i can make a full leather shoulder piece and then assemble it in less then a day then etch everything i can locate around my house