Howdy! Intorduction

I use Silhouette Studio and can manage most things. You may find that you need a converter to convert from .studio files to .svg files for Glowforge use (Silhouette does not let you export the designs you buy from them, it makes all solid lines into dashed lines), but will allow you to convert up to 10 files per day. I do use inkscape for some things, but am really an absolute beginner at it… Feel free to message me if you have questions about working with Silhouette Studio for designs to cut on the Glowforge…


Welcome to the family!

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I’ll search for and post if its not out there already.

But I did end up upgrading my design addition for only $25. I used the discounted code here and it worked great!

Swing Designs Silhouette Software online purchase

Note: Not affiliated with or any kickbacks. Just really like Silhouette Studio and this was a way for me to export SVG and save some $

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