HP 11 G6 EE 8 unit Docking Station

I’ve had to do a few of these and just now got to where I felt they were good/refined enough to share out.

This one has an unseated Chromebook. It stands out a little on the back and tips forward when the plug is not set correctly so you can see at a glance.

Intended for 8-13 layers of Thick Draftboard to be cut, stacked and then screwed together. The Chromebooks drop into place on an installed charger (Most USB-C chargers will work).
The bottom plate is flipped so that the engraves for the screw recess are on the correct side.
Power adapters are woven into the bottom plates isolating the plug from damage and tension.

Alternatively acrylic will work but you will want to put in some adjustments for the more brittle material.


Forgot the shot of the plug seat


Awesome results! (And that’s a lotta Chromebooks!) :grinning:

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we are 1:1 in grads 3-12. needed these for some elementary classrooms which have about 200 total devices.


Chuckle! That would explain it. Didn’t realize elementary schools were handing out computers now. :smile:

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Oddly enough its cheaper than a set of textbooks


Great job! Kind of you to share your file!

you’ve been busy, they look great