HTV Foil

Does anyone know or tried to apply HTV adhesive to wood and then laser cut it? Or any kind of HTV product?
Rephrasing question. I realize the whole HTV process. I have all other equipment for the process. I am just wondering if once I have applied the adhesive and then the foil can the laser safely cut it?

The first thing you should consider is whether it’s PVC, because that will destroy your machine.

I can’t tell from the question if you’re thinking the laser will act as a heat press. That’s certainly not the case. But the forum search function in the upper right corner is the best way to answer “has anyone tried” type of questions.


Some HTV is safe to laser, some is not. It is vital that you not laser any that is not safe as it will destroy your Glowforge and the fumes are damaging to humans.

HTV that is laser safe has been cut and then applied to a product. The bonding process is not done with the laser.

There is a product caller Laser Foil that you apply to wood, ceramic, glass and then laser cut. Here are some discussions of that product Search results for 'laser foil' - Glowforge Owners Forum


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