Huge disappointment, warranty quality is below poor

My Pro went down at the beginning of August.
A refurbished was shipped, made it to border, customs sent back because GF didn’t send the proper paperwork.
New machine arrived today, a month later…
New is the last word I would use to describe it.

We have a big problem.

I just received my forge not more than two hours ago.

Brought it in, unpacked it and inspected it.

Is this a joke? Am I being punk’d?

I am sick to my stomach.

The first thing I did was take out the head piece. I inspected it.

The lenses are all scratched, there’s glass embedded on a divet…

Open up the top the mirror is burnt.

The air assist is filthy, I mean caked on filthy! I can tell this unit was NOT TAKEN APART and cleaned! My old head is in better condition than this “just like new” one!

Im thinking ok, you guys will send me a new head. So I take a look at the cables and the belts.

The belt on the right side is loose as hell. I move the rollers the head sits on, and it jumps!!! It is warped and that will effect my cutting and engraving! It doesn’t even glide smoothly…who in quality control allowed this machine to pass?!

Like I mentioned, my partner and I run the Canadian glowforge page and are at 800 members right now. It is now difficult for us to encourage anyone to buy the product when this is the customer service we’ve had. A 350 dollar gift card does not make up for this experience and the lost income. Something as simple as lenses should not have been a problem! Or loose belts, or a filthy air assist!

At this point, I want my money back. This is not the product or customer service I bargained for for 8000 dollars.

I need a response promptly. Livid does not express how I feel right now. I look forward to a prompt resolution.

More so I want a phone call. I want to talk to someone. I want someone to hear the absolute frustration, and anger I am currently experiencing.

I have videos and photos of the issues…
Theyre too big to upload so someone will have to contact me to get them a different route.


Pictures? There is no reason pictures wont post here, if there are videos describing what you are talking about you can upload to youtube and post a link. Do you have a link to this canadain GF page? I have never heard of it before.

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Oh no! That sounds terrible! I’ve replied to your email - we’ll get this squared away!

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