Huge, huge, huge thank you to community and staff

This morning, in the middle of an important project, my pro started making a worrying clicking sound coming from behind the button. I searched the “Problems and Support” section and found out a little vacuuming of the fan grid on the underside of the machine could fix the problem.

It did.

I was really sweating for a while there. Glowforge has the most awesome community and staff I have ever seen for any product or tool. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to make things I never would have thought I could and to have such a wonderful knowledge base to tap into when things go sideways.

Thank you again.


I guess you sucked something like paper into the intake fan?


Something small. I didn’t even find it in the vacuum. But the noise stopped.

I honestly didn’t know that fan was there.


If your case ever starts to fill up with smoke be sure to check that intake too. If a piece of paper slips under there and blocks it your airflow drops and you’ll definitely notice more smoke.


So glad your problems are fixed!!


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