Huge issue on new refurbished machine

Omg!! 4 weeks ago my Glowforge Pro machine got stuck in lid open mode… I troubleshot everything!! I even overnighted a black cable to replace the cable and to no avail it didn’t change anything…. After several emails over a course of 2-3 weeks to glowforge support they said I needed a new refurbished machine. I then waited for another 10+ days to get. I have now had the machine for 5 days. It looks absolutely brand new because each day we have tried to use it. After 2-3 minutes of use it goes into cool down mode whether the separate air filter is on or not…. So I thought about purchasing/wasting more money on an air filter replacement but glowforge says it will be months until they are in stock.

They the Glowforge company sold me on being able to start abusiness with this machine and now they are about to end the business. I can’t even express my disappointment in this product but even more importantly in the lack of respect and response they have for me and others as their client/customer. Can’t get a call and living on east coast almost never get a response during working hours as well as they always want pictures…. This customer service stinks and has me fully stressed out and upset about spending such money in these machines.

Does anyone have suggestions or ideas of how to fix this machine? Also are there other laser printer machines that would work better and could purchase quickly so I can keep my business afloat.

Thanks for reading and possibly helping…


Is there any way that you could vent out a window long enough to confirm that the overheating problem is your filter?


They could completely remove the vent hose and engrave the same pattern on tin foil. Nothing would be engraved or vented and if the machine overheated the problem would be the filter exhaust blockage or the room temperature being too high.


to add everyone’s voice, make sure the sides are clear of any material, that’s where the air intake is


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