Huge offline issue

Seems like I am one of the many that is having the offline issue… its probably been going on the last week but yesterday and today has been terrible to the point where I can’t get my Pro GF to reconnect at all… I have done everything its not my wifi… I have 2 GFs a basic and a pro… ive been doing 2 passthrough slot jobs today and they have been failing why? because after it does the first cut it can’t finish the job because it goes offline immediately following the print… there are a bunch of ppl in the Glowforge User Facebook page that are having the same issues… I just hope that its going to get fixed tonight in the update because I can’t keep wasting material with my passthrough slot trying to manually align everything.


There is another thread open on this issue at this time. Be interesting to see what the update brings as they must be aware of the problem as they have been avoiding it for a long time now.

Hi karisadoane, Thanks for pointing this out and we see it too. The team here has been working on it but did see that you were able to get some printing done since your initial post and wanted to see if you’ve had experienced any subsequent offline messages.

Good morning! I am having the same issues. Mine will not get out of scanning. It homes, centers and then is stuck on scanning. It will stay spinning like that for a while or eventually go off line. Please Help with getting this resolved. I need ideas on how to get my machine up and running ASAP It has been down for two days now. I sent an email with no reply Yesterday regarding this.

I have not been able to print since Friday evening. It has not connected since then.

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I started noticing it a few days ago, I haven’t had time over the weekend to really do much but I believe it was Friday that I noticed the issue last.

Are you able to get it to connect at all? Mine continues spinning in scanning mode and will eventually boot me to offline.

I power toggles mine and waited about a half hour and it eventually came back, fortunately I wasn’t in the middle of a major job at the time.

Yes after turning it off and on about 4 times… and the last part of my pass through worked last night… I will be working most of the day today and I’ll get back to you on how they are doing.

Had an offline issue a few times yesterday. Only seemed to happen if I let it sit inactive for a little while. Each time, powered it off and unplugged for a few minutes. That corrected the issue until it sat inactive again.

I haven’t been able to connect since yesterday either ever since I upgraded

Same issue. After the weekend I have tons of orders and just got stuck with this offline status…

I hope you guys will fix it soony :slight_smile:

Hi @karisadoane

I’m sorry for the trouble. This should be working again. Could you please let me know if you are still having trouble with your printers showing “Offline”?

so far so good that they haven’t gone offline today… but it did have some re-centering problems… I reentered twice today after the initial center.

Hi @karisadoane

I’m glad they haven’t gone Offline today!

In regards to the centering trouble, I checked both of your printers and don’t see anything that indicates any ongoing trouble.

I’m going to close this thread out now, but if you run into trouble again, please note the time and date (including time zone) when you ran into trouble so I can take a closer look.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can help!