Hulk Smash! - Keychain!


Another keychain for the brother in law…


Now I NEED acrylic in every heroic color…It’s your fault! :expressionless:


Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. :crazy_face:


That is VERY cool.
Now help me understand what I’m seeing. Is that black acrylic with deep engrave and painted? Or is that 2-layer acrylic? Or…?


Outstanding! Nice work on the coloring.


You do tend to get a bit prickly when angry. :hedgie::hedgehog::hedgie::hedgehog::hedgie:


Hey cool…when did we get a hedgehog emoti? (I knew about the hedgie, but that one is new.)


Its black acrylic with green paint. I wanted to do green acrylic with black paint but turns out green is the only color I dont have :slight_smile:


Thank you!


So Awesome!! I would love to see the whole set :slight_smile:


Looks awesome!! I’ve found myself on a bit of a keychain kick with my last few glowforge projects, they’re so quick and satisfying!


Speaking of which, the last we heard was that you were going off on a visit and move and wouldn’t be able to attend to the Glowforge. How’s it going?


She posts cool stuff on her Instagram account sometimes!


Haven’t gotten into the Instagram world yet. Pity. Will have to check.


Still packing for the move! So far I’ve only had time for smaller, quick projects (longest run time I’ve had has only been around 30 min lol). Uploading photos to Instagram has been a lot easier than trying to compose longer forum posts with my phone, but I’m hoping to make one soon! :crossed_fingers:


So cool!!! Great job!


A set of these would make great drink/wine glass identifiers/charms for a party!