Humble Bundle - Corel Software Bundle

There may be some of you interested in this current bundle good until October 21, 2020. You get software and help a charity.

Approx $2K worth of this year and last year’s Corel software for $30, including CorelCAD, CorelDraw, and Corel Painter plus a lot more stuff.

I have no affiliation, interest, or get any compensation for sharing this.



Hmm, I wonder how good corelcad is? I like the own-it-forever model, and just $30 for last year’s version…


Looks to me like it’s for a 6-month subscription (for Corel Draw 2020).


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The CAD program is buy/donate to own. The vector editor/Corel draw is a 6-month subscription.


I started to post this yesterday. Then, I caught that the CorelDraw was a six-month subscription.

I am a long-time CorelDraw user. I have an older version (x6) that I use via VM. Every few months, it suddenly decides it has been pirated and, forces me to reinstall (as directed by support). Between that and the abstraction slowdown, I am mostly using Inkscape now (and grabbed Affinity Designer to try).

There was a Mac-native version of CorelDraw For a short time before they dropped it because they didn’t want to keep up with architecture and OS changes. I see they have a native MAC version (subscription only) again. Be aware another Mac architecture change is in progress now.


I didn’t dig in too deep, I am curious about the CorelCAD, but i really never was much of a Corel fan. I’ve had their products going back many, many years too. I grabbed the Affinity software, it’s getting better and better and I like their approach.

As long as I can afford it though I’m going to be an Adobe CC user.

Beats me. Let me know if you decide to try it. That was the only package that really caught my attention.

I’ll go back and add that in the description. I’m not trying to sell anything and didn’t look that deep. :slight_smile:


I was upgrading since Corel 3 but they have been a bit unreliable, most especially when they had a nice real 3d thing going and killed it outright.I have the 2008 version as my last but have not tried to load it.


I’d have been all over it if it was non-subscription :slight_smile: might still be worth it for CAD though!


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