Hunab Ku etched in basswood painted with alcohol ink and acrylic

Today’s ‘Bob Ross’ moment goes to…

masking fail while making a Hunab Ku

Hunab Ku is a Colonial term applied to the Mayan civilization, meaning One God (the Colonial term - not the Mayan)

I resonate with the form, because I practice Taoism, and its symmetry and movement remind me of the Yin/Yang symbol

Bob Ross because I masked it, and some of the paint came off when I took off the tape - I like how I fixed it though…

Measures 9x9

I need to figure out how to price this



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Can’t really tell where the masking pulled away the paint–but if it bugs you, can you use a fine brush or something to lightly dab the area to make it less apparent?

And for pricing, can’t help you there…

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Really beautiful!

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Very pretty! What was your painting technique?


Works of art are always worth more than you think.



Lovely work! I tend to scroll through etsy looking at items of similar size/materials as the ones I’m looking to sell to get an idea of where prices are. Good luck!

I used brushes and makeup sponges