Hurdy Gurdy



YouTube suggestions inserted a suggestion for a video of an instrument called a hurdy gurdy yesterday. Saw this version and all I could think is, “laser all of the things.”

Coincidentally, there’s a much prettier one in the music video posted over here.

Then there’s this guy with an electric one. Much less laser potential, but pretty interesting.

Hurdy Gurdy and more
In Honor of Beltane this May 1 (Off Topic)

Cool – Seen several times live, and he plays with Faun sometimes – see the video I posted for Beltane. :slight_smile:


Were you travelling, or did they show up around here? (here being the Pacific Northwest) Would love to see that live.


Here in the PNW – he often plays with Faun when they come to a Festival in NW Oregon called Faerieworlds and also at a winter convention here in Seattle called Mythicon. A friend out of Oregon also plays one on some numbers by his band , Woodland.


wow the difference between the first video and the electric one is astounding. Its almost like they’re completely different instruments


On a side note, Hurdy Gurdy girls were popular during the Gold Rush. They would dance with men for a fee and wore scandalous calf length skirts. :slight_smile:


Oh myyyyy.
More than ankles? The gams?!!:heart::heart_eyes:


I’ve been really enjoying Patty Gurdy. Really Catchy and she doesn’t have many videos up yet.


I don’t understand why the keys aren’t on top of the machine, so you don’t have to play it blind? Plus, your arm would be in a much more ergonomic position. She’ll have shoulder problems when she hits 60.


I can’t see that it’s that much different than wrapping your arm around the body of a guitar to strum.


Maybe closer to accordion.


Well, if you want to be super laser precise… :smile:


Likely has a lot to do with the history/development of the instrument. You know, like erganomics experts of the middle ages held the belief that carpel tunnel syndrome was caused by witches, so the cure wasn’t redesigning the instrument, but developing better ways to detect the witches.

Or maybe it was originally played in a seated position or something.


not to mention that most people don’t look at an instrument once they gain proficiency. it might make it harder to learn, but probably easier to play while standing and hand-held (as opposed to wearing a strap, or whatever).


On the whole it is still more common to play it seated than not.


She’s actually wearing a leather belt that supports the Hurdy Gurdy.


fair enough, i didn’t watch the video. just pointing out that a good design isn’t always obvious.


Interesting – of the 4 players I have seen perform live with one, none of them were seated. The performances were pretty rousing, however :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh!


guy looks like he is having a blast!