Hurry - Limited Time To Act

Only one person is known to have been hit by falling space debris.
Lottie Williams, who was struck by a piece of a U.S. Delta II rocket while in an Oklahoma park in 1997.
If you hurry, you can increase your chances to beat the odds.
This handy head target is grey scaled for your convenience and gives that true depth engrave look and feel.
Once cut out and a string or ribbon tied to holes provided, you can grab a drink, tie it onto your head, and wait it out in the back yard.

1997 !!! That was for ever ago. The chances of beating the odds will never get better for you.
Fame can be yours, but only if you hurry. The Tiangong-1 is due to return from orbit any minute now.
Get your target lasered as soon as you can. Don’t delay.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

(Have an April Foolish Easter everyone)


I didn’t get it printed in time, it just crashed into the South Pacific. maybe next time!


Ahh bummer.
I was drinking a beer out back and missed it.


Shoot! My one chance at fame. :neutral_face:

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