Hygiene Helper

Saw this creation online. Made a Glowforge version to share
Idea came from here
covid helper2 covid helper

Please avoid going out if you can. But this might help in some situations. Enjoy!


There have been a couple of those - it’s such a lovely idea!

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I have to admit I was a tad nervous about clicking “Hygiene Helper.” :innocent:


Makes total sense. Had not considered that, just copied the name from the company :slight_smile:

This is such a great idea! I could have used this yesterday.

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That’s a great idea! I saw a few of these online made out of brass, which I’m thinking of getting. It’s not so much that this wouldn’t work, it just probably won’t work on the check out screens at the store, which is the worst place right now. I HATE touching that.

But consider a few of these cut! And thanks!!!

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In theory, if you were to take a foil bag (chip bag) or some other conductive material you could integrate a strip of that into the design or gule around the outside edge and it would work like a stylus for the screen at the stores.

Aluminum foil should also work. Just wrap a tiny strip from the edge to the finger hole.

I just use a knuckle.

Sticky aluminum tape from the big box hardware store maybe?