I am a newbie!

I have been trying to read through the other posts but can’t find what I need to know. I am using a Chromebook but don’t have any software on it for editing. What do you recommend? I need easy since I am very new to this whole thing!!! Thank you in advance!!

Tagging @theroar84 because I think he uses Chromebooks with his students and he makes a ton of training videos.


You can do some neat stuff with a Chromebook, but most of the cool stuff I do is with Inkscape. rollapp was able to get inkscape on a chromebook, but I am not sure it still works. https://www.rollapp.com/app/inkscape

You can design with TinkerCAD and my.sketchup. https://youtu.be/tcEX1htBsv0
This one uses Google Drawings. https://youtu.be/80gt3RDs8-E

This is a good skill to have as well. https://youtu.be/SZRHLJPbqTA


Thank you!!

Thank you!! I wish I had a class like that when I was younger!!! After watching your videos and subscribing (so I don’t miss out), I believe I need to get a mouse for my chrome book. You make it look so much easier!!! Thank you again. I look forward to playing around with those programs!

My pleasure and thank you. A mouse is a big help. If you ever have a question, just let me know. I see the comments below the videos fastest, but eventually I get to all the places people can reach me. =)


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