I am looking to lightly burn an image on a piece of Soft Maple Hardwood

Has anyone lightly burned an image into soft maple without deeply engraving the wood? If so, I could use some guidance as to what i should use for settings. Thank You in advance.

Got a piece of scrap? The best bet is to test.

There’s are a few test templates out there that can really speed things up.

As for how dark: generally things get darker the slower and higher LPI you go. You can get a pretty dark engrave without much depth by doing relatively low power and slow speed with higher lpi.

Granted, that will take longer, but there you go.

This thread will be relevant for you. Ignore that it’s about HTV, just look at the discussion about testing.

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Cut out a representative portion of your image and print it on spare material.

Start with similar settings (hint - proofgrade maple hardwood), and either adjust the contrast of your image, or change the settings by reducing the power, or increasing the speed.

See which test gives you the result you are looking for.

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