I am now a fully functioning Death Star!

Obligatory post for the successful arrival and setup of my Basic unit. It arrived in good shape and no issues with setup or printing.

About 45 minutes from unboxing to printing the ruler and Gift of Good Measure (no pics until I have something worth posting).

Only tiny glitch was that my Glowforge name was too long so I was stuck with the default until Support fixed it, which they did very quickly. (Forgot the 15 character limit on Forge names). There was no error feedback or validation on the text field entry, so I had no idea I had goofed. There was one Flex user on my account that I swiftly deleted (with no malice :slight_smile: )

However, GlowGlowGadget is now online and ready to go! I figured with that name I would have tons of fun making a production out of pressing the button - “Glow Glow Gadget Keychain!” “Glow Glow Gadget Ruler!” ad infinitum ad nauseam. :smiley:

This thing is truly a marvel and I am deliriously happy to have it in my hands.

Congrats to Dan and team - you’ve made an excellent product and I look forward to seeing where the software and hardware go in the future!



I am so glad my kids didn’t think of that. :laughing:


I’m glad I thought of it, because I was going to use “Cyclops”, but he’s not even close to being my favorite X-man.

BoldlyGlow was another strong contender 'cause I likes me some Star Trek.



Clearly. Otherwise you’d know his optic blasts are not lasers, but concussive force channeled through his eyes from the punch dimension. (No, seriously. Comics are weird. :slight_smile: )

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Ah - that’s right! Saved from a terrible geek error… whew!

(Gotta admit it does LOOK lasery… )

Congrats! :grinning:

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In the vein of StarTrek, my ‘forge, which is due to arrive Friday, MAY be named “GeordiLa” (Forge)- not sure if that is too punny even for me… of course, the equivalent to “Glow glow gadget…” would be “Make it Glow…”


This forum is the best!

Came for the lasers, stayed for the puns.

Nice name!!