I am officially joining the club!

I have gotten my email and my package of materials! I am now waiting for the big moment of getting the big box!

His temporary room is ready. (once the air filter arrives, he will go to his permanent spot.)

So excited!!


Congratulations! Welcome to the club. Have you thought about your first project?

I am very interested in the Trace feature. My daughter is an artist and has made some wonderful drawings that would look gorgeous engraved somewhere.

So she will help me test that out. :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat… Mine is scheduled to be here Monday…

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So I got the materials but no email yet on the Glowie itself. Can anyone tell me how long it was from confirming your address until the notice it shipped took?

It’s been all over the board. Some get it almost right away, while others have pushed the six weeks. Mine was 2 weeks until shipping email, 3 weeks until doorstep.


Thanks. That makes me feel better.

So finally got the email that says my Glowy has shipped! He will be here on Wednesday!

And found out that one of my friends has one already! He’s west coast and I am east coast so not able to pop over to check his out. But that’s ok cause mine will be here soon!!


Congrats! :grinning:

We are just going to have to compare notes when you get yours.

2 more days!