I am screwed....and getting ZERO info on how to fix it

I have been trying so freaking hard to get an image to have cut paths in inkscape. YES, I HAVE WATCHED ALL THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS. None of the available videos tell me exactly what to do with a scanned image in inkscape…and if it does, it doesn’t work the way they explain it on inkscape…so I have resorted to a bottle of wine, because I’m dumb enough to live in a county that does not sell hard liquor…but I digress.
I have not only watched all the dang (not the word I would choose) videos, but I have done all the dang tutorials on glowforge,
I don’t understand the need for a 20 minute youtube video to tell me 5 seconds of do this, then this, then this…and boom, upload to glowforge and your cut paths are complete.
WHY, WHY, WHY the necessary dialog when its NOT, in fact, NECESSARY?!?!
Again, I wave the white flag, my fellow glowforgians.
Who can tell me, without saying, “look on youtube” or “do the glowforge tutorials” or “choose a different map” how to turn a scanned image (very simple, one dimensional) US map in to cut paths??? PLEASE, DO NOT BOTHER TO COMMENT IF YOU PLAN TO DIRECT ME SOMEWHERE ELSE.
I have inkscape. No, I cannot use a different map. I just need the very flippin basics. (I.E. do this, then this, then this, then save as and upload to glowforge)
Why is this so difficult? (yes, the bottle of wine IS, IN FACT, almost gone) frustration at its very finest… can this thing do the rolling eye emoji???

P.S. YES, it has been vectorized…still not working.

There is little to nothing anyone can do to help without the file.


Just checking here, if you are trying to get a scanned image to cut it will not work. Scans create raster images. Rasters engrave vectors cut. you will need to create the vector cut lines. If you would like to share the image you are trying to use the people on the forum may be able to give you more specific help.
I am at work so not able to help with an image for a while, but I would not be surprised if someone here will if you post the image you are working with and state what you need it to do.


What the other evans said.

I know you’re frustrated, but asking for help, then telling us not to help you with a link to another location that has your info… uh…

Upload that file and we can comment. Otherwise we’re as lost as you are.


Shot in the dark here because I don’t have a program that will open an ai file here at work, but here is a free vector USA map. I hope it helps

us-vector-map.ai (396.2 KB)

Okay, these are JPG images, which will only engrave. What have you done so far to try to turn them into vectors?


See! Ha ha ha! I didn’t even know you would need the file. 2nd bottle of Moscato, coming up!

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??? Not sure I understand.

Those are jpg files… Those are then “rasters” or “bitmaps”. Cuts come from vector files. Either SVG or PDF.


That file is NOT ready to cut… Texas for sure has unclosed lines… And I didn’t try to clean anything up at all.

The ONLY thing I did was import one of your jpg files… Then I went to the path menu and then Trace Bitmap. I had to up the brightness cutoff quite a bit to get MOSTLY closed lines… and then I saved it as an SVG.

That’s not difficult at all. You need to slow down and learn your tools. If inkscape is going to be your vector software… yes… I’m going to tell you to go elsewhere… you need to start with the basics with inkscape. Perhaps get a skillshare course or something and follow it until you are familiar with the program.


Right. I turned them in to vectors but they are still not cutting out.

Then you need to upload the vector file for us to see what’s wrong with them.

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And also tell us what you are doing once you upload the file to the GFUI…

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I didn’t bother going down to stick a piece of wood in the :glowforge:. I just imported the file I created above, and hit print to see if it threw any errors… It did not and is ready to cut (even though the file definitely isn’t cut-worthy at this point). I don’t think you are turning them into vectors correctly to begin with.



Exactly! these are the images I started with…from a scanned image. Go in to inkscape, copy, trace bitmap, etc…like every youtube video tells me to do, and nothing. Save as an SVG, a PNG, etc and still nothing.

It doesn’t give me a prompt to do. I upload it and it tells me it can only be engraved.

Still not psychic.

We can’t see what’s wrong if you don’t show us your CUT FILE.


Like geek2nurse says… we need to see the exact file you are uploading to the GFUI.

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Thats my question…how do I get it to a cut file from the jpeg above on inkscape…because the youtube videos definitely aren’t getting me there, so thats exactly what I’m asking.