I am seeing two users when I haven't added any users yet

I have already removed the two unknown users (I think) but it was weird and a little concerning to see that my glowforge had two unknown users when I haven’t added any users yet. One of them was from flextronics?

They’re the folks who test the machines before they ship out - they’re supposed to remove the extra names, but sometimes they forget. (Flex is the company manufacturing them for Glowforge.)

Support can remove them for you.


We’ve seen this before. Apparently some at the factory forget to clear their access after calibration. Nothing nefarious going on, but good to have reported it here so that the feedback can get back to the factory.

I haven’t tried yet, but there is an option to remove a user from you machine yourself.

From the GUI click on your GF name>setting>users>click on user name>remove


Yea… if you select their names, you can remove them… just wasn’t sure if there was more to this than just a simple click of a button…

maybe it’s from all the crime tv I’m watching ^^;;


LOL, yeah, all that CSI stuff makes us all suspicious.

Just successfully removed Flextronics user using Kittski’s option. Still have two Glowforge.com users…do they need to be there for troubleshooting (or other) purposes, or are they just remnants?

Yeah no privacy anymore. Cameras everywhere.


LMAO So true!

But look mister, this is the GF forum and we promote safety here! Even Big Brother is required to wear the appropriate safety gear.


Thanks for letting me know about this. The Flex and Glowforge users should have been removed.

I’m sorry for the worry and confusion.

Happy printing!