I am so frustrated and mad!

I am on Machine #2 after the first did not work. Now this one keeps giving me an error and has stopped cutting through proof grade materials. Error when I try to upload a file to cut that I might need to refresh my browser or turn off my Glowforge. Well I have done that 5 times.

It also does not give me a full 11 inch cut on the deck. Only gives me about 10.5 inches if I am lucky. And I notice that the carriage does not return all the way back. If I power down the machine, I can push the carriage back another inch or so.
Listen we know how much these cost- shouldn’t they work better? I could spit nails, and I am sorry to vent, but I just have to.
SO any advice on what the heck to do to fix my issues?
I clean my lenses every single day after using too because that always sees to be the answer. So I decided to be proactive.
HELP!!! I am falling behind!!!

I am sorry you are having so much trouble.

regarding proofgrade, you have to make sure your stock is completely flat on the crumb tray. I have had cut failures and then determined the piece was ever so slightly warped.

good luck!

To get the full 10.97 inches in height (yeah, I measured it, that’s the exact number), you have to make sure to place your material correctly on the bed or you will lose a fraction of an inch. Just barely covering the gridded portion of the tray in the front is the sweet spot. (Or even a little closer to touching the door, if you’re not concerned about using too much material.) Just don’t place the material too far back.

And do not push the head back, especially when the machine is turned on. It will home to the correct position. When you move it while the machine is on, it causes it to lose it’s position.

For your file, we’re going to need to see it in order to try to find out what’s wrong with it and why it won’t load. What program did you use to create it? (If you want to zip it and load it here someone can probably take a look at it for you.)

And cleaning the lens doesn’t help with file loading issues, but it’s not a bad thing to keep up with. :wink:


Thank you

Thanks Jules- it was a file I had just cut not even 10 minutes earlier and at least 20 times before. The error I get has been happening off and on with different files. So random. But the good news is, as soon as I posted my little vent here to get it off my chest, the crazy machine started working again. Now I’ll just sit and wait for support to reach out and see what we can do to keep this from being a regular thing.

There was a small spate of performance issues last week, maybe that was a remnant. (Refreshing browser can sometimes help too if it gets weird.)

Fortunately it doesn’t happen very often so maybe that was it. Fingers crossed. :smile:

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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