I am so happy to announce

I got the Golden Email last night.
I. Am. So. Excited.

For the trackers (which, until a few hours ago, I was one) I’m getting a Pro, Day 18, expected email back on the 19th of Oct.
Still rooting for all the folks who are still waiting.

Now I’m kicking into high gear for preparation. All this adrenaline I seem to have right now should help.


Congratulations! :grinning:


congrats… update the spreadsheet!


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Great news!

Our day 20 Pro email came last night. Seriously time to finish preparing for it’s arrival!



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Got my Golden Ticket too. Yay!!!

And as said above, now it is time to get serious making work, and getting files ready to run.


Congrats! :grinning:

Oh it definitely will. :crazy_face:

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Thanks @Jules. Have to say your positivity helps keep the Glowforge-Doubting at bay.


I Did!!

Indeed! As we just moved into the new house I have to build out the entire shop, which the GlowForge is just a part of. Big lumber order in my near future…


Absolutely! This adrenaline better last…

Some of the most fun I ever had ‘making’ was building the shop into just what I wanted in our new house! Finishing the walkout basement where to shop was to be seemed effortless because of that.

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I’m glad, cause I want everyone to get the opportunity to try one of these things!

Can’t wait to see what you make with it! :grinning:


I can’t wait to see what you make with it when you are off PRU. You’ve done so much with those limitations, I just can’t imagine.

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Oh yay! So many emails last night. Let’s get these things rolling!

Haven’t noticed a single limitation on this PRU. (Well except for the slot, but I haven’t designed anything for that yet anyway.) :grinning:

Some of the things that make this machine so wonderful are things that no one else is going to appreciate, but that I recognize from having done things the hard way on a lot of other machines. (Not lasers, but 3D printers and digital cutters. Same concepts behind all of them, they’re all digital plotters.)

The Trace function for instance gives a much easier, less error prone, extremely accurate trace on the bed scans - simple to implement with a click of the mouse. Better than Illustrator. It’s incredibly difficult to make something look effortless, and the interface is just FULL of examples like that. Most people aren’t going to even notice, they’ll just accept it as their due, and that really is a shame.

The accuracy of the renders is absolutely phenomenal…it picks up noise in jpegs. (And gives you a way to get rid of it with a keystroke.) Never had one work this well on any other machine…the software is extremely good.

Lots of little examples like that of things that are so far above the competition they would have me turning down an Epilog if it was offered in exchange. It might have a bigger bed and more power, but for ease of bringing your ideas to life - this machine is better. It saves so much time from the standpoint of having to clean up and work your files to make the software accept them.

They’ll get the placement issues worked out and it will be off to the races. :grinning:



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which keystroke is that?