I am trying to learn Al but long way off

i have no computer skill i know what did I do betting a gf. Ive been trying most I learn to do a few simple steps. but I want to make this for my dad I got the design from estry and everything for 3mm and my local source is .2280 little bigger than 5mm. I dont like making anything out of 3mm. I been sanding to make it work but looks bad. am learning but slow took 6 month to get square and circle and names . Any help be wonderful domino

There is a box generator at https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/UniversalBox?language=en - one of the settings at the bottom of the page is for material width (I believe the default is 3mm, so you can up it to 5mm)

You shouldn’t need to change anything for the dominoes themselves, just the box. I can’t quite tell from the design, but I think that’s a sliding lid box. Let us know if that helps - or if it’s just as confusing!

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I’m sorry, but if you did purchase this SVG design from Etsy, I’m afraid you can’t post it here in Free Laser Designs (or indeed, anywhere–that would be a violation of the original owner’s copyright). If you are wanting help with the design you could post a .jpg or .png of it instead. And I can move this post into a more appropriate category like Everything Else.

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Sorry @cynd11 …I just shifted it there so she can get help with the file. (Been trying for a while…finally got it to move.)

I got a basic box with flat lid done working on hing one. baby step but I am learning

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What is your question? How to scale everything for thicker material?

If so, you can take the entire design and resize in the GF UI by the appropriate amount. For example, if it was designed for 3mm and you are using 5mm, that is a scaling factor of (5/3=) 1.67. If you load it into the UI and it is 30cm long, you would resize it until it was 50cm.

If you are looking to re-design the box to work with 5mm material, that will be a lot more complicated. You will need to factor in the extra height of the dominos, as well as adjusting the tabs for the joints and also the width of the lid for the slot. As suggested, you can use third-party apps to create a new box from scratch. The lid from the original file would work fine if you create a new box using the thicker material so that the internal dimensions (width and length) matched the original box.


I was able to make to boxes but in universal there is other list but was not able to figure out how to make them. I work better having example I want to make one of each type so as I learn I can see on the shelf for what I want to do.

on different note I want to make my grandson puzzle with his name what a good font that makes it wide for 2 year figures if you know

Look up balloon or bubble fonts - they have that nice wide shape!

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