I believe we have reached the "NEW DELAY" territory


not enough emails being sent, not enough units being received to meet the end of October deadline.

Simple equation.


What? No super cute gif? Things must be bad.


indeed my friend… indeed


Any bets on the new date…December maybe?


Anything is possible if you believe.


I say June of next year.


your Giff skills are improving… WORK HARDER!!!

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Seriously , I know how to find and use gifs, but what or how do you do to find that?!

What inspitational words pass through your mind to google old guy sailor moon cosplay psychidelic


Is this a challenge to a GIF battle??



I never under estimate my opponents!

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Me neither!




I hope this retro Sonic motivates them to “Go fast”


My guess is plus 3 months, so Feb / March.


Look, you’ve got the glow!


Can I join in?


Oh wait… Never mind.



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I follow several different laser cutting FB groups and I think the current delays are due to too many units being damaged in shipping. I’ve seen some really bad ones. If they were cars, you would wonder if the person lived. I’ve seen at least one set of damage photos a day for the past couple of weeks on FB. I saw 3 different people post damage photos yesterday on FB and I think there was an additional one here.

I haven’t seen most of the damage posts on FB posted in the forum. One person mentioned the 3rd GF they received was fine, but had to return the first 2 due to shipping damage.

And you have to wonder how many people received damaged GF units and didn’t post in the forum or on FB. (In marketing, we assume you only hear from 10% of the people that have problems, so that would mean a bunch of damaged GFs being exchanged).

I know it costs a lot more, but I really feel the GF needs to be shipped via freight due to its size and weight.

I assume we will start seeing some big day jumps, since most crowdfunding purchases happen in the first week and last week of the campaign. Sales during the two middle weeks of the were probably at a trickle. Plus there will be a few here and there that put off shipping until the filter is ready.

I ordered a pro on Day 26 and assume at their current rate, I’ll have mine by mid-December.

And don’t forget they define shipping as getting your letter. (I assume this is due to accounting, so they can move your payment from limbo into income for them). So they could send a ton of letters on Oct. 31 and have 6 weeks to ship them all, which would be mid-December.


That is frightening and seriously demented :nauseated_face:


I am sure they would if they could but I don’t think they can make them fast enough to not exceed six weeks. They are running close to that at the moment.


I think they are making them faster than we think, but having to replace more than expected due to shipping damage. I went back and looked on Facebook for the past 7 days. I was able to find 12 posts about GFs being returned due to shipping damage (8 were pros, 2 were basics and 2 they didn’t say). You have to assume there are more that didn’t post their damage or posted in other groups I don’t follow.

So at least 1.7/day over this past week had to be replaced. If that rate continues, that puts them 51 units behind in 30 days time.