I bet there are some cross stitchers here who will like this



Why did not my math education lead me to these beautiful things? It was all just numbers on a page and I failed to glimpse the beauty of math as representing shapes, designs, geometries, geographies. Very cool post.


Yeah, I’m kind of disappointed in my math teachers in not instilling in me what maths really are. Like so many things I’ve had to pick it up on the street so to speak.


In a previous life I did a lot of cross stitching. I loved the line in this article “hours upon hour of tedious manual labour.” Cross stitching is certainly tedious, but hardly manual labor in the strictest sense of the word. Anyway, thanks for this. Math and art, math and music. It’s all a wonderful combo. I’m sure many here have read Art and Physics - a favorite book of my husband.


Darn you and your sleep-depriving rabbit holes!!!

“Only 17 possible types of 2D patterns” has now got me thoroughly intrigued and I am trying to figure out how to understand the notations that define them, with my wilty post-work neurons, instead of sleeping like I should be. sigh


A few weeks ago while working in some cross stitch Christmas ornaments I was wondering if it was possible to weave fabric like that, in order to make embroidering snowflakes easier. :smile:

I decided that I should probably just stitch them on wood or acrylic (using my Glowforge to make holes in the appropriate pattern). It’s good to know that triangular fabric is possible, even if I don’t expect to see it at the local craft shop anytime soon.


The strictest sense…

Manual -adj

  1. Relating to or done with the hands.

ex. ‘manual dexterity’


What a cool post. Thank you.

I cross stitched across the front of fabric for a skirt fabric when a child. Never made the skirt. Mom always taught us a bit of everything. Knitting, crochet, Swedish weaving, sewing, etc. , etc. I blame her that I want to do all crafts.


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