I bit the bullet. Did anyone else?

I went ahead and went from basic with filter to pro with filter. I didn’t want to regret not doing it later on.

Did you?

Haha, I did that this morning.

I’m too poor. I had to ditch the filter bc shipping to Korea is over 500$ for each part! Hopefully by the time they get around to me something will be worked out with APO.

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I did it two days ago, but I ditched the filter. I’m going to run a dust collector in a shed outside which will cost about the same as the filter but I’ll be able to run it with all my other tools.

I did it, I went for the pro with filter. cant wait, I have some great ideas. I am in the tattoo business but we also do custom T-shirts using a Brother dtg 361, signs and car graphics with a Mutoh outdoor printer. I have a Makerbot2 3d printer that Im selling at present to upgrade to a dual extruder 3d printer. so basically Im into anything creative and computerized. I had been looking at a laser engraver from a sign supply company and a 30w unit with a print area of 12"x18" (although it does do 5" deep) has a price tag of $15,000.00. so the Glowforge is a bargain!! I think this is a great/ spectacular way to touch into engraving and 3d building/ modeling. but really even the base model Glowforge is a stupendous deal!

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@matisa: Do not go dual extruder. There are specialized extruders which accept 3 filament inputs to color swap mid-print, and there is the Palette to fuse multi-color filament threads as you go.

Either of these are INFINITELY superior to dual extruder. Dual extruder means a smaller print area (both heads have to be able to reach all points) and you have leakage issues, and if you do not have both heads flawlessly aligned with one another, then one will be dragging in your print, or failing to press proper layer heights.

I believe the multiple filaments in one head was called the Hydra, or the Chimera or something. Haven’t read reviews from people using it. And I am pretty sure the Pallete is still working on filling Kickstarter backers before they go into public release. But… better options exist. You will regret dual extrusion.


Yeah I did. What convinced me was the pass through. Not that it could do 20" by infinity, but 20" by 20". I pictured wanting to do something just a little bigger than 20" x 12" and being stuck. The speed and cooling were a bonus. Don’t think about the pro’s ability to print infinitely long things. Just think that it changes the machines size limit from 12" to 20"

Yes! I just upgraded to the pro with filter about 2 hours ago. I live in a warmer climate and was worried about using the laser in 75 degrees Fahrenheit or above. I feel I might need the cooling system.

My concerns were

  1. the types of safety precautions to take with a 45 watt laser and
  2. if it is relatively safe to use the GF in my dining room

After reading through most of the GF discussion boards, I feel more confident in my decision. I’ll get some properly rated goggles and not use it when kids are in the house (just in case).

I managed ta few referrals so between that and the option to upgrade without the added cost of the filter + shipping I am feeling it is time to pull the trigger. Been watching the Canadian dollar exchange rate kinda wishing it didn’t suck so bad. Hopefully tomorrow it goes up 15%, haha!


Been watching the Canadian dollar exchange rate kinda wishing it didn’t suck so bad.

Haha, you and me both, brother.

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ooh, I noticed you mention warmer climate. I’m wondering if I should be concerned. I’m pretty sure I’m fine with the basic. I’m in Oakland, California and so its not too bad.

Im in the bay area and my plan for when its hot is to run hose off my wall air conditioner to the glow forge intake to keep it cool. Seems like a easy way to save 1500$ vs the pro. Dan said that would be a easy way to keep it cool

I’ve upgraded to the Pro too. Mainly because of the cooling.
I’m emigrating to Malta next year and the temperature in the Summer would be too hot to run the basic.

Don’t think you will need worry about the goggles in a home environment. Keep the side flap down and don’t let kids put fingers and mirrors in it. The Class IV issue has more to do with the side door. Pretty sure the Basic GF would be a Class IV product if it had the side door. Of course this is my guess, not a legally binding opinion. :smile:

This is mostly true, but you should absolutely wear goggles if you’re ever using the passthrough. (GF likely has to say you have to use them at all times since it’s a Class IV, for legal reasons).

What do I not understand about laser classification here?

As I understood it, Class IV is any laser with enough power to damage skin or eyes without any focusing first.

Being in a completely closed case doesn’t change the class of a laser, it just makes it a bit safer by preventing you from getting said skin or eyes in the way of the beam.

So the Basic is still a Class IV laser. Or I just do not understand classification.

The class of a laser is determined by both the laser and the environment in which it’s housed. Anything above a 500mW laser is considered Class IV. The Basic unit, however, is entirely enclosed and designed with safety interlocks such that you can’t be exposed to the beam; if you open the lid it shuts off. This renders it a Class I laser since there’s no reasonable expectation of damage to eyes or other body parts. The Pro remains a Class IV because it has the slots on either side to incorporate longer parts; there is a chance, however small, that the beam could reflect out. Thus you should wear goggles when operating it, or at least when using the flaps.

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@matisa: I would, with deference and respect to @jacobturner, disagree.

I’ve been running a dual extruder 3D printer for more than 3 years now and love it. The compromise is that you lose build area in the Y direction equal to the distance between the two nozzles. In my case, this is a loss of 20mm in the Y axis and 0mm loss of travel distance in the X. My prints are 95% of the time single color/single material, so many of the other problems aren’t very prevalent. I do have some leakage from the second head in dual color/material prints, but this tends to be more cosmetic than anything. Plus, I’d rather have had the use of a dual extruder for the last 3 years (and the future) than wait on a KS to fulfill their backers and then offer public releases.

I’ve debated and debated and debated… but the 1/4" tall slot just isn’t large enough for me to justify the extra funds. Instead, what I’m hoping to see in the coming year (or maybe 2017) is a larger Glowforge Basic (no slot). If costs keep dropping for GF as it does with other technology, I imagine the company will be able to offer larger models at even lower prices once they get their manufacturing issues figured out.

It’s weird nomenclature but there are Classes of Lasers which have to do with power, frequency and other stuff, then there are Laser Products. The Laser itself is I believe a Class IV laser but when fully enclosed as it is in the Basic GF it becomes a Class I Laser product because there is no risk of direct or indirect laser exposure. The special glass top is also a barrier to indirect laser reflection at that frequency. At least that is my understanding.

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